Creepster Crawler In Stock Now

The Creepster Crawler assists children with crawling when this activity cannot be achieved independently. Instead of a caregiver (or two) trying to support the child’s arms, legs, head and trunk, the Creepster Crawler does this with a seven-point harness. This frees the caregiver to encourage the child to crawl.

Crawling is an important step in development. When a child is on his/her hands and knees, the arm and leg joints, muscles and connective tissues receive feedback (proprioceptive feedback) to let the brain know where the body in space which helps stabilize the joints. Crawling also helps to build muscles in the arms, legs and trunk. It is also the precursor to walking since you move your arms and legs with the same pattern as you do for walking. Giving a child the ability to move independently helps improve self-esteem and motivation.

The Creepster Crawler’s 7-Point Harness is adjustable and has worked successfully for children with tracheotomies and G-Tubes. The Creepster Crawler’s frame has a padded platform on top to support the caregiver while assisting the child with the crawling motion. There are two sizes available.

Use the Creepster Crawler on a smooth surface at home, inside or outside, to promote independence, work on muscle strengthening and training. It’s also a great therapy tool as well. The Creepster Crawler can support the child on his/her hands and knees while the therapist/caregiver works on encouraging the child to reach for objects, weight-shifting and increasing head control.

Is this Product Right for You?

  • Maximum user weight is 50 pounds (22.7 kg) for the Small & 75 pounds (34 kg) for the Large
  • Critical measurements: Trunk width and Weight