Beamz by Flo In Stock Now

*iPad included w/ loan*

Use music making as a means to engage and motivate your patients, clients, residents and students. With its universal, non-intimidating design and recreational music making orientation, the Beamz music making tool is well suited to be used with people of varying ages, skills and abilities to interact with and experience the benefits of music making. The innovative use of laser beams provides an engaging and easily accessible means for participants to make music, regardless of physical skills or experience with traditional music instruments, given that no technical skills are needed to interrupt the laser beams for making the music. Moreover, the pre-programmed interactive songs created for use with the Beamz are setup with harmonious instruments that are tailored for playback into a specific background track so that participant may have an enjoyable experience making the music, whether they interact with the Beamz with simplicity or complexity.