CrawlAhead Crawler In Stock Now

For developing children, crawling between 1000 to 3200 steps, or 60 - 188 meters, each day is common which is why the CrawlAhead is wonderful for infants that require assistance with crawling. Designed for portability, the CrawlAhead mobility device helps babies and young toddlers with grasping the ability to crawl, improving their motor and cognitive skills. Through crawling, users are able to explore more, learn new experiences, and gain strength and confidence.

Crawling leads to exploring and discovery which is important for young children's mental development. For infants and toddlers that have developmental impairments, the CrawlAhead provides a durable assistance device that their parents and therapists will love due to their boost in independence and confidence, as well as the decrease of back strain from supporting and balancing them.

Product Benefits:
  • Develop physical strength
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Designed for infant and toddler use
  • Boosts user confidence and independence
  • Promotes motor and cognitive advancements